Jenn - Michael - Sara - Michael
Jenn – Michael – Sara – Michael

“What if we made funny stickers and sold them on the internet?” Not exactly what you expect to hear in your bedroom at ten-o-clock at night from your not-so-little brother, but there it is.

We’re Hilarious

Sticker Schmicker started as a vague sort of joke and launched practically overnight. With over 30 sticker designs making up our first run, we launched big. We didn’t go home. Bad puns aside, we’re a family-run sticker dot-com working our way up to kings of budget activism and general tomfoolery. We are kind of obsessed.

From Us to You

Each of our stickers are designed right here in SoFl by Ten Oh Four Design Studio. Then they are small-batch printed by Enemy Ink in Orlando, Florida. As soon as you order they are packed & mailed with care from our lovely home office in mostly sunny South Florida direct to you. Ordering before 10AM? Your order will ship same day!

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