Activist. Armchair or Active, everyone loves to declare what they are. Tell the world about your activism by slapping this sticker on your fender or your tablet.

These stickers are white text on black background and measure 7.5″x1.5″. They are a proper high quality vinyl sticker designed by Jenn and made by our friends Enemy Ink in Orlando, FL. Good for your laptop and your car!

activist, activism, advocate, advocacy, against racism, be heard, be humble, be the change, bring change, change the world, civil rights, destroy racism, equality for all, feminist, fuck the system, fuck racism, girl power, humanist, human rights, inspire, inspire greatness, knowledge is power,motivate, politics, rethink, save the planet, social activist, support civil rights, support human rights, wakeup, wake up world, we are one, women in history